All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone –

No, I don’t miss everyone, only a select few. It’s actually the title of an Explosions in the Sky album.

I’ve been listening to All of A Sudden I Miss Everyone, The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place, and Take Care, Take Care, Take Care quite religiously for the past week or so. Their music has blown me away.

Few instrumental bands are able to keep my mind engaged and rouse my emotions at the same time, but Explosions in the Sky have done both simultaneously. I find that without even focusing on the music my sense of passion is evoked and I’m captured in a sense of serenity.

I’ve listened to these three cds on repeat while writing a paper, and although my ideas for this particular paper were not flowing very well, I felt that the music kept me going, even at my worst case of writer’s block. I highly recommend them for a good paper writing or study session.

I can’t pin-point a favourite song for you, but here is a song from each album for you to get your feet wet, as it were:

All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone – Catastrophe and Cure

The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place – Your Hand in Mine 

Take Care, Take Care, Take Care – Postcard From 1952  

There’s a small taste for you.

These guys are amazing to listen to while writing as well. I find the calmer the music, the more the muses tend to smile down on me, unless I’m writing a fight scene of course. If you’re looking for something to write to, something to calm you, or something to just play lightly in the background while you’re nose deep in an excellent read, give Explosions in the Sky a try. They tend to make everything feel just right.


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