Greetings and Salutations! (Oh the delightful redundancy).

Well, Hello.

Today I started a blog. A long time ago I had a blog on blogspot where I would review books, music, and on occasion movies. Here, I will do the same. I will also write about my writing, if you don’t mind. Once in a while however, I will rant about life in general, you may relate, in which case please comment and let me know that we have the same first world woahs.

I may not write often. I may, in fact, leave you hanging for weeks at a time. But don’t fret, I will not leave you altogether. I have a hectic life, one that I try desperately to keep track of and sometimes I take on a little more than I can juggle. In which case, I just drop a ball or two, keep working at it until I can manage to add those that I dropped again. Ironically, I’m amazing at juggling so many things in my life, yet I couldn’t physically juggle actual balls if my life depended on it.


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