In the thick of it…

I’ve been reading José Saramago’s Seeing for some months now. I’ve had little time to read for pleasure due to the online courses I’ve taken this semester. Why? Don’t ask, I couldn’t tell you.

Anywho, Seeing is proving to be a little less interesting than Blindness, which proceeded it. I’m only half way, so I can’t be too judgemental. Saramago has an interesting style, he writes all about the political side of how the events in the book effect the world before he gets into his characters. One thing I’m not a fan of is the way the book is translated. It  can be hard to follow the plot and dialogue a lot of the time.

Despite all these things, I’ve always come out impressed with Saramago in the end. I’m hoping this time ends the same.


2 thoughts on “In the thick of it…

    • Good! I expected as much from him, but sequels do have a reputation to disappoint.
      I’ve also read The Cave by Saramago and I absolutely loved it.

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