How Comical.

Do you remember the newspaper funnies? Those quippy little cartoons that we read as kids while our parents read the paper? I do, and I’ve noticed that they’re still around. But I never pick up a paper anymore. If I want the news all I have to do is read my facebook newsfeed. Without a doubt everyone will be commenting on the latest news, so why bother with the paper?

This could get me going on a whole shpeel about how paper publications are slowly sinking into the abyss of  former technologies. But I digress.

I’ve become intoxicated by web-comics. My ex-boyfriend (who from here on will be referred to as “Flannel”) got me into them. In the winter when I was held captive in my own bed by pneumonia I went on a hunt for web-comics. I spent hours upon hours reading comics until my eyes were completely blood-shot from my computer screen. I’ve since toned down my need for panel lives, but I still hold two in high esteem.

The first, which is the first and only web-comic that Flannel introduced me to is Questionable Content. I began reading this comic over two years ago, which is a far shorter time then comic creator Jeph Jacques has been writing it. I spent weeks, count ’em weeks, catching up. Now, Jeph has written over 2000 strips. Kudos to you Jeph.

The QC cast is a bunch of twenty-something hippster-type people with personalities ranging from coy to dysfunctional to just purely entertaining. These characters are extremely relatable, they remind me that everyone’s got their own shit to deal with. I’ve personally fallen in love with every character that Jeph has introduced me to (I even kind of have a crush on Martin). If you look at the world through the scope of QC you tend to categorize people through the characters, I know I do. I find myself thinking “What a Marigold.” or “How Pintsize of you!” I consider myself to be a gentler-type Faye. One of my best friends (who will from here on be referred to as “Cindy-Lou”) reminded me of Hannelore, without all the neuroses .

I urge you, if you have to yet experienced the humorous, drama-filled, life-affirming wonder that is QC do so.

QC is not my only animated love affair. Jeph, in all his wisdom, led me to Girls with Slingshots, another addiction of mine. I stumbled across one of Jeph’s many links when he mentioned Danielle Corsetto’s comic in his comments about his own comic of the day. Well, finding Jeph to have a nack about comics I decided to take his advice and check out the Girls. 

GwS has two main characters, Hazel “The Lush” Tellington, and Jamie “The Rack” McJack. These two are supported by an amazing cast. Hazel is a screw-up most of the time, and Jamie couldn’t be more extraverted if she were constantly on ecstasy. I love these girls.

I spent another few weeks catching up on GwS and loved every minute of it. Danielle has yet to hit 1500 strips, but is fast approaching it. Her light-hearted approach to sex as a natural, common, and at times humours thing is what caught me in the first place. Danielle has little reservations in the “shock” department, she tells it like it is, but in a fun up-beat way. Her personality and the personalities of her characters are fantastic! I would totally be BFFs (I use this acronym in a tongue in cheek sort of way) with her if I could. But, sadly I’m just a lowly fan girl.

GwS is another comic I strongly urge you to immerse yourself in. When you’re feeling low, GwS, no matter the topic always makes you smile.

These are two love-affairs I happily share with you. Jeph and Danielle get five gold stars in my books, and baked goods if I could provide them with such, but muffins don’t tend to travel well via mail.


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