You always have something to say, don’t you?

The drip-drip-dripping of the tap. The tick-tick-ticking of the clock. The in-in-inhale of my lungs. The pound-pound-pounding of my pulse. My brain wont quit.

I find myself staring at the inside of my eyelids. They are heavy, it’s as if weights have been attached to them. But my eyes, my eyes wont listen.

Of course they wont, they’re EYES.

Anticipation… it’s always anticipation. How do I get through a rough day? I anticipate it’s end. How do I get through a particularly difficult week, month, year? I anticipate the few joys that are scattered throughout it. Anticipation is a beautiful thing, but it keeps me up at night.

I have the shivers, but I don’t just shiver, I shake. My body says, “Please, get me warm!” But my mind laughs sinisterly and has more blood rush from my extremities to my frontal lobe. No one asks the mind for anything, it only serves its own agenda.

crunch, cruncH, crunCH, cruNCH, crUNCH, cRUNCH, CRUNC- Fuck! I bit my tongue.

Have you noticed yet? Have you seen it yet? Have you heard it yet? Have you felt it yet?


Just my insanity talking, don’t pay it any attention.


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