Away on a wave…

It’s almost upon me, that anticipated day, that day when I finally get to let go, breathe in as deeply as I wish without worrying about what I need to do next, what assignment is due, when I work next, etc, etc. My vacation is two, count ’em TWO days away. Keep in mind that I have not had a vacation in over two years. I have been non-stop with work and school for over two years! Now, as of June 10th I will have seven glorious days on a cruise ship headed for ice bergs, (not the ship sinking kind I’ve been assured).

I plan to amerce myself in reading. Forget buffets and cabarets, I’m going to drive into the pages that I’ve longed for. Also, I’m going to try to do some writing. I say try because I’m going to be focused on the reading of words rather than the writing of them. But, if the muses decide to toss me a line, I wont say no. I’ll probably flood your reader-feeds with one post after the next when I return, so be prepared. (I may sneak off to a computer on the ship to let you know how I’m doing in the midst of my lavish get-away.)

If there’s anything in Alaska or on a cruise ship that you think would provide major inspiration feel free to let me know. Also, if there’s anything in particular (fiction-wise) you’d like to read about tell me! I’ll write my little heart out for you while I have the free time.

Tomorrow is a day of hot wax and cuticle cutters to prepare me for this gorgeous ship. I’m doing all this to pamper myself, but also because I feel like I wouldn’t be aloud on if I didn’t. I know that that isn’t true, but I’ve seen pictures of the ship… it’s highly intimidating. Then it’s Saturday, the day before I get to sail away I have a double shift, with an hour in between to get from one location to the other and from one uniform to the other. But it’ll all be worth it, I just have to keep reminding myself that my day in the sun, or rather among the ice bergs will be just a short 24 hours away.

Dear friends, enjoy your weekends, enjoy your free time. Make sure to give yourself that time. I know that I rarely do these days, and it’s not a good thing. Take care of yourself, preferably by indulging in relaxation. Take that extra 15 minutes in bed, that extra 5 minutes under the hot rain of your shower head, that extra episode on Tv when you’re cuddled up with someone that makes your heart skip a beat, that extra moment to savour that final mouthful of your dinner. Take it, enjoy it, love every moment. We live in a fast passed, forever running society, don’t forget to take that moment for yourself. All we’ve got is right now, don’t waste it. Yes, I’ve just spent six lines telling you to stop and smell the roses, but they’re cliches for a reason.

I pray you a good morrow, and the many morrows that follow!

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