Home in a Hurricane

I’ve returned from my lazy travels. It was a cruise ship, the best thing to call it is lazy.
The sights were amazing, we got 1km away from Hubert Glacier. It was a spectacular sight, and all I could think was, “Now, remember every detail so you can have a reference to write about glaciers.” My brain never stopped making writing references. Got some sea sickness when the boat was rocking ridiculous amounts through a storm on our way back and although I wanted nothing more than the spinning of my brain and stomach to stop I couldn’t help but think, “Now I have a proper reference to write about sea sickness.”

I could tell you about each port, each souvenir store, each meal, how the locals were kind, and on and on as everyone does about their vacations, but I wont bore you. Yes, I had a lovely vacation with my mom and my g-mom. Yes, I indulged in the gluttonous Gomorra that is a cruise ship, and yes, I watched the ridiculous shows and a cappella groups. I did it all. There is nothing else to say.

I had intended to go on about the horrible wastefulness that is a cruise ship, the spending, the food, the alcoholism, the sheer sinfulness of it all (ironically with it’s own chaplain). But, I’ve decided not to delve into the hateful things in humanity.

Coming soon…
I managed to finish Seeing and within the next 12 hours you will have a review of that amazing piece of literature. I started reading We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson, which I also plan to finish in the next 24 hours so that will also be coming up.

And now, here is the hurricane that I road in on, or rather the one that settled in my bedroom…

My step-dad’s cat decided to spend some time in my suitcase. He was a little late to become a stow-away, but I didn’t say anything to him. I didn’t have the heart to break his spirit.

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