I’m not light, in any sense of the word.
For the longest time I tried to be light, but I kept reverting to what I am, and it is not light.

Light, airy, fluffy… none of these equate.

Light, bright, luminous… nor do these.

Light, illuminate, comprehend… not likely.

I am not light. I do not brighten, I am not airy, I do not help comprehension.

I am dark, I am heavy, I am confusing. I am not light.

No matter how hard I attempted to be light, to allow it to come through me and shine, I just came back to me, to intertwined and unhinged.

I did everything I could to be light, to be what they looked for, to be what they wanted.

I couldn’t be light. I am not light.

But, if I’m not light, what am I?

I am many things, but do they have a definition that encompasses all of it?

It’s not light.

I know that I’m not light.

I know what I am not, but that doesn’t make me know what I am.

Will I ever know?

All I know is that I am not Light.

I guess I’ll start from here.

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