They were Hidden alright.

So, a few days back I finished Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix. So, after many years of wanting to read this book again, since I had in seventh grade I finally did. It’s a very quick read.

ImageMy initial reaction was disappointment, I remembered there being more action, more thrills. But, that could have just been my over-active 13 year-old imagination that I remembered. I also found that the emotion didn’t quite show through. Haddix wrote it down but I couldn’t seem to feel it as the characters, like I usually do. It’s as if that final push in the writing that je ne sais quois that brings a reader into the story, sympathizing and relating. It was teetering on the edge, I could almost feel what Luke, the illegal third child and main character, was feeling but it felt, for lack of a better word, flat. As I delve into the sequel, Among the Impostors I’m already feeling that Haddix is closer to getting Luke’s emotions across.

As it stands on its own Among the Hidden is very anti-climactic. It’s basically all the information you need to understand, Among the Impostors. If I had not known there was a sequel, I would have thought it was a terrible book. I think it would have been better as a Part One combined with Among the Impostors. Both books are under 200 pages, so my thinking is that originally it was one book, but the publishers, in all their wisdom, decided to break it up because this novel’s target audience is about 12, an audience that would not have the longest attention span. Also, by breaking it up there are more books to buy, hence more money. Oh publishers, I know what you’re scheming.

Anyways, if you decide to delve into Among the Hidden, be prepared to delve into the whole Shadow Children series, because if you don’t you will be highly underwhelmed.


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