Impostor! I knew it!

As I continue my venture into the Shadow Children series by Margaret Peterson Haddix, Among the Impostors is my second triumph. As I mentioned before, when I finished Among the Hidden I was weary about starting its sequel. But whatever Haddix seemed to lack in the first, she more than made up for in it’s sequel. 

I finally felt a sense of agency! Yes, things happened! They were stressful! I felt anxious! (I feel that the exclamation points are necessary here). I even felt for Luke, the main character, something that was lacking in Among the Hidden

Even though this book never ventured far from the setting of Hendrix’s School for Boys, it was an enjoyable book. The bland setting countered the extreme anxiety and self-doubt that was clear in Luke, something I clearly remember feeling at a twelve-year-old, although not the extent of Luke’s character. I never had to worry about getting killed for existing.

I was a little disappointed at the end, although Luke found strength in himself he didn’t know he had and matured it seemed that his final decision was a step in the wrong direction. At least he should have attained more information than just saying “No.” I could be wrong, it’s happened on occasion, but I’ll only find out once I read the next book in the series, Among the Betrayed. 

This book is a good quick read, unfortunately you wouldn’t quite understand it without first reading Among the Hidden.


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