Whatever happened to the pen-pal?

I remember writing to someone in grade school, a girl from across the country I believe. She wrote on snowflake stationary as it was a Christmas assignment in my third grade class. But I’ve never once had a pen-pal since, not even a type-pal on email.

Don’t get me wrong, I send letters to my friend on occasion and use email in a formal fashion for university and work and so forth, but there is no one that I bare my thoughts and opinions to through words, typed or written.

Yes, I blog. But that is not a correspondance. This is me sending my thoughts out into the great internet abyss and waiting for an echo of a reply. Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t.

But what happened to the pen-pal? Why don’t we write to one another anymore? I would love to have a pen-pal, preferably through letters, but more realistically through email. Does anyone still do this? I would love to know someone only through their words, through their textual representation of themselves. Names and other trivial social facts are irrelavent. I want to know the thoughts of another, because this would allow me to know this person, not superficially like I know so many people.

We should resurrect the pen-pal. Who’s with me?


3 thoughts on “Pen-Pals

  1. Here’s your echo. I miss the old pen pal I had. We lost touch after a move and never rekindled our monthly exchanges after that…I think it would be cool to revisit, and have something deep and meaningful to look forward to from time to time…

  2. Holly Shit Misa I actually had one her name was Noela we were 10 years old and I knew after our fourth letter that I loved her and we would be married and have three children Pedro, Mariana, Consuela, and Jimmy Ray. I hear yeah sister what the hell happened to the pen pale!

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