Obsessed. Thanks Snyder.

So, despite my long blog absence I’ve actually been reading. I powered through my final exams, with better grades than I ever thought my brain capable of. And so, on a very busy Christmas Eve I bought myself a present: Scent of Magic by Maria V. Snyder. It’s the second in her Healer series. Yes, I know I go on and on about Snyder, but her fantasy just captures my mind and I just can’t stop. It’s an obsession, and now I have to wait however long it takes her to write and publish the third in the series, Taste of Death. 12027429

Snyder’s heroines are made of the stuff that all strong young girls want to be made of. Avry in particular is as stubborn and clever as they come, something I too aspire to. This is why her heroines are so relatable, if you’re not like them you want to be like them.

Not to mention Avry’s wide cast of cohorts are so loveable you can’t help but want to read on about their antics.

Now Snyder’s villans, what can I say really? She’s great at making you love to hate them. Tohon, the ruthless war-lord and maniac, just makes you want to reach into the book and rip that bastard’s head off. While his minions are just as conniving and evil as he is, but not as ruthless.

Snyder has once again captured my praises. And, unlike Touch of Power, Scent of Magic was not as easy to guess the outcome of. In Touch of Power I had so many “oh come on, how have you NOT figured that out yet?” moments with Arvy’s character. But in Scent of Magic Avry was always one step ahead of me, which while reading I prefer.

So kudos Snyder on a fantastic fantasy, that will have me reeling for the third book until I’m cuddled up with it in my couch. And if you could release it during a semester break like Scent of Magic, you’d be doing me a real solid. But if it’s over a year from now, I should be done with school so don’t worry about it then.


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