So I called…

Recently I got around to watching the movie For a Good Time Call…

I had no real expectations going into this, I just wanted something to watch on a Sunday night. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. Now, For a Good Time Call… is not your conventional story. It’s about two girls starting a phone sex company to make money for rent.


Obviously, there were cliches. There are the prudent, closed off, awkward girl and the loud, sexually explicit, outgoing girl. A typical “unlikely friendship.”

But the story didn’t go far. The girls who weren’t friends at the beginning became roommates and best friends by the end of it. Bottom line, this is a chick flick. The unique plot gimmick of starting a phone sex company was really all that was new for this usually terrible genre of film.

But, the script was pretty good. I have to say I felt like these were real people, not the completely idealistic, stereotypical, archetypes we find in every other chick flick around. These characters actually had moments of complexity! What a break-through for chick flicks everywhere.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t always hate on chick flick. I watch them myself, but I know that I’m watching a terrible movie. I watch them because I want an escape, not reality. But For a Good Time Call… gave me a punch of real fruit juice in my kool-aid. 

I’d recommend watching it for a movie night, if not for a laugh then for a small taste of what women a almost like.


2 thoughts on “So I called…

  1. The premise may not be anything entirely original, but this cast milks for all that its worth and brings out a whole bunch of laughs because of that. Can’t go wrong with that. Good review.

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