Gave me the warm fuzzies

Just got home from a friendly outing to go see Warm Bodies.

Being a big fan of The Walking Dead, I thought this movie would be a fun and humorous alternative to the intense, drama-filled, edge-of-your-seat, zombies I’m used to seeing. Basically I was hoping for another Zombieland style movie.warm-bodies-poster

Unfortunately, this movie is pointed a little more at the Twihard tweens than the classic zombie lover. But I didn’t hate it, in fact I enjoyed it. It was, well the best way to describe it would be, precious.

Warm Bodies is on par with that little kid you know, that acts a little bit older than his age and tries to be funny, and when he does succeed it’s pretty great. But all you want to do to this kid is pat him on the head and tell him how adorably precious he is.

Warm Bodies explored the awkwardness of youth today through a zombie. I can related, trying to get a date in your twenties without being some suave conversationalist always has awkward moments. I think this is what makes the movie likeable, we can all relate to those awkward moments when you like someone and can’t stop staring or some such other thing.

Anyways, I’d recommend Warm Bodies for a one time look see, but I’m not going to run off and watch it over and over.


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