Wonder, wonderer, wonderful, wonderment, wonderstruck.

To be curious, to look and to find or fail. But today we can’t look.

No, if you look or search or scour or hunt we will never find it, never feel it, never indulge in it.

Wonder, it’s a funny thing. We try to use it, and fain it, and hide it, and buy it.

But Wonder, Wonder is like Love. They are sisters. We cannot chase these magnificent women. No, we will never find them unless they choose to find us. Wonder and Love are illusive. They are humble and and despise praise. These sisters act on their natures, this does not warrant any commendation. In this, the sisters are alike.

But Wonder, unlike her sister, cannot cause the mind pain. Love can destroy a heart, a soul, a spirit. Love, when she extends her wrath can crumble cities and destroy lives. Wonder, cannot bare these things. Wonder has no wrath, Wonder dreams.

Love is arrogant, too good for dreams. Love makes the dreams, as she likes to say. Love can destroy thought. Love weakens and damages as well as strengthens and heals. Love can be poisonous, Wonder cannot. Love has two faces: destruction and creation, rage and glory, pain and elation.

Wonder is straight forward, she drives away negativity and fills us up with hope and imagination. Wonder, she dreams and her dreams infect minds. Wonder holds above all else thought.  Wonder makes the dreamer.



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