Not as Crood as they claim to be.

Being a responsible, fully-grown adult I went to go see The Croods yesterday afternoon. I even bought a kids combo complete with collector’s cup with the sloth topper.

215px-The_Croods_posterThe Croods while fun and entertaining was not a Dreamworks best seller. I’m starting to think they peaked with Sherk and never really hit another break until How to Train Your Dragon. But, kudos for trying anyways Dreamworks.

The Croods is basically all about a father not understanding his teenage daughter and his daughter not knowing how to deal with that. Oh jeez, it’s like most families with teenage daughters can relate or something.

It’s a cute story with laughs along the way, and one scene that brings a tear to your eye until they redeem themselves and save the day and you remember that no one dies in a kid’s movie.

I thought it was clever that they took the cavemen and in the end made them into nomads. Yay for evolution. Although, their portrayal of domesticating animals was much too unrealistic. I’m sorry, but even a child should question why the giant scary predator who was trying to eat the family moments prior is now their pet. It’s like when Dino never ate the Flintstones, he was clearly a carnivore. Even as I child I wondered about that.

Another thing that bothered me is that the cavewomen had no body hair. Come on Dreamworks, I know that society has told us for many years now that hairy women are unattractive, but they’re cavewomen! The only hairy one was the dad. Even the young male stranger was pretty hairless. I would like just a little accuracy, please.

Either way, I wouldn’t write The Croods off as a never-see movie, but I wouldn’t go see it in theatres. It’s more of a we’re-at-home-and-want-to-watch-something-cute kind of night. I wouldn’t give it a second viewing. My main reason for wanting to see it in the first place was that Emma Stone lent her voice to the teenage cavewoman Eep.


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