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Happy Friday Night Everyone.



Hours, minutes, seconds. Tick tick tick tick. Every second counts down, down, down, down the spiral. It ticks away the love, the fear, the joy, the pain, the happiness, the sorrow, the life.

Where are we going? The ticking keeps us somber and grounded. Where can we go with the immanent countdown always hanging over us? Do we fight or do we fly? Which will prolong our ticks?

What have we done? Nothing. The grains of the hour glass slip into the negative, but when will they run down, run out, settle, stop?

Why? The forever question. We think and my pace as our minutes tick away and we wonder why we are here, what purpose do we serve, why can we ask, wonder, guess?

What is this organism we call Humanity? Each part, each insignificant little person contributing to the mass, the whole, the future, and yet together we make a whole that changes everything. What makes one change a mass? How does Humanity every change, create, achieve when each singular part is selfish and self-driven?

How do we change, grown, evolve?

What if I told you…

What if I told you I didn’t want to say what I felt today?

What if I told you that I hide in front of you?

What if I told you I just wanted to lay under the apple tree?

What if I told you that the breeze was warm and the sky was bright and that all I wanted to do was let my hair down?

What if I told you I didn’t want to cry today, that I just want to go out and spend the day dreaming?

What if I told you that my skin was cracking and that your heart was breaking?

What if I told you that my wonder and faith were dissipating?

What if I told you, I couldn’t tell you what I mean?

What if I always told you that I was just fine?

Just a little creative writing exercise. Cheers.

I Wish I Hadn’t Seen You

**Please note: Spoilers ahead.

The other night I went out with Cindy-Lou and we saw Now You See Me. I was excited to see it because a few of my co-workers had told me it lived up to the trailer.

I was not pleased. I had such high hopes for this movie with such a star-studded cast. The first, oh about 40 minutes were interesting, intriguing, and exhilarating. There was a fantastic build-up, but it ended in an absolute anti-climax. I was disappointed.

There was a good twist in the plot, but they heavy handedly added in a random love story that had nothing to do with the plot.

The concept of the movie was great, a mystery trick created by an unknown magician for four random street performers. I even bought into the whole “Eye” secret society. But the end… their last spectacular trick was basically to change into fake money and disappear. Then, then they just magically disappear into an old carousel and that’s it? No explanation except that the whole elaborate show was to avenge the man’s father and that got them into a secret society? Weak, so weak. If it had ended with no real secret society, that the man was just avenging his father and using the faith of these four magicians to do so… now that would have been a better ending. But, I’m guessing hollywood wanted us to sympathize with the man. PAH!

The script feels as if it was good at one point, then either a re-write or a massive edit after filming screwed the pooch and turned this movie with so much potential into a big flop.

It’s not horrible and if you go see it you’ll enjoy the first bit, but honestly don’t waste your money.

The Silver Screen

Last night I was exhausted. But I still wanted to watch something charming and witty. So I poured myself a glass of red wine, broke off a piece of Ghirardelli Cabernet and blackberry dark chocolate, and sat down to watch The Shop Around the Corner (1940).

I don’t know what it is about old movies, but they seem so much more simple, thought out, and methodical. They have a purpose and the dialogue is always thought out. It’s not like the majority of today’s scripts where the dialogue is just word fodder between explosions and computer graphics. Very few movies today have substance or a human connection. Entertainment is just, well, a distraction.

Now, I’m not ignorant or that starry eyed. I know that not all old movies are good and that a lot of the dialogue is not always as clever. But there’s a certain amount of effort in old movies that just doesn’t happen today. They had to rely on dialogue and actors and emotions because they couldn’t fall back on special effects or car chases.

I had never seen The Shop Around the Corner before last night. I knew that it was what You’ve Got Mail was based on, but I had no idea how closely. Being a big sucker for cute movies like You’ve Got Mail because i do indeed have ovaries, I loved The Shop Around the Corner.


The dialogue was clever and you actually had to pay attention to the jokes, a movies that made you actually use your brain and have to pay attention! I haven’t had one of those in a while. The acting was superb and the storyline was raw and really and at times heartbreaking. It was beautiful and I absolutely loved it. You’ve Got Mail can now step down from my favourites because it’s being replaced by its original.

I will, most likely, get back into my old movie phase and only watch the silver screen again. Some of my favourites include: Arsenic and Old Lace, Some Like It Hot, Roman Holiday, and Sabrina. If you have any suggestions for me place tell me!

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