Hours, minutes, seconds. Tick tick tick tick. Every second counts down, down, down, down the spiral. It ticks away the love, the fear, the joy, the pain, the happiness, the sorrow, the life.

Where are we going? The ticking keeps us somber and grounded. Where can we go with the immanent countdown always hanging over us? Do we fight or do we fly? Which will prolong our ticks?

What have we done? Nothing. The grains of the hour glass slip into the negative, but when will they run down, run out, settle, stop?

Why? The forever question. We think and my pace as our minutes tick away and we wonder why we are here, what purpose do we serve, why can we ask, wonder, guess?

What is this organism we call Humanity? Each part, each insignificant little person contributing to the mass, the whole, the future, and yet together we make a whole that changes everything. What makes one change a mass? How does Humanity every change, create, achieve when each singular part is selfish and self-driven?

How do we change, grown, evolve?


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