So, I’ve decided to completely re-tool my novel, Dawning of the Sun, of which I have posted the first chapter in one of my tabs.

I sat down to work on it today and it was like trying to ride a bike through wet concrete, painful, tiresome and all together fruitless. I have this problem with editing, when I sit down to write all I do is edit and I don’t actually write anything. So, I told myself I wasn’t allowed to edit and only write, I could go back and edit later. Well, this will not work. I have tooย many ideas to re-vamp the story that writing now is just ridiculous because nothing seems to play out right. I have too many ideas swirling around. I even went so far as to writing random events in that were irrelevant to my current place and just moving ahead, but then how am I going to get there?

In order to move forward I need to re-write the past, literally. I started writing this book when I was sixteen. That’s over seven years ago and I haven’t even hit the middle of my story. My ideas and views are different, everything has changed and I have a greater understanding of stories and writing. I need to change it all, rip it down to the bare skeleton, re-arrange some bones and add new meat and skin.

I know that this is far from my last edit and I know it’s far from my last re-write. But I think if I can get this story on the right track, incorporate things I forgot, missed or recently thought of I’ll be able to make it a good story and I’ll be able to progress it the way it should progress. Right now it feels wrong, it’s terribly lacking and childish. As harshly as I can judge other writers, I judge myself to quite a greater degree.

Basically, my story is shit and I need to do better. If at first you don’t succeed change your tactics and start a new. This is the plan.

Re-write here I come, I’m going to hate you by the end but I’ll be thankful you happened.


6 thoughts on “Reconstruction

  1. Finally… someone who shares in my misery. I’ve never been able to just sit and write. I literally can’t get through one sentence without rewriting it five times until I get what I think is the perfect version before moving on to the next sentence. It’s insane. And one of the main reasons I will probably never ever finish a novel.

    p.s. You may want to ride your bike through wet ‘concrete’… just saying. I mean, a concert may be just as hard to ride through, but I think grammatically readers may relate more to fruitlessly trying to ride through concrete… ๐Ÿ˜€

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