Cross, Cross, Cross…

Huddled on my bed long before bedtime, I finished The Girl In the Clockwork Collar by Kady Cross. So bloody good.

I found The Girl in the Clockwork Collar to be a vast improvement over Cross’ The Girl in the Steel Corset, the first novel in her series titled The Steampunk ChroniclesHer second novel was far less predictable than the first, but let’s take into account that it was her very first novel so I have to be somewhat forgiving. Surprising for me, isn’t it?

I absolutely loved how the characters developed from The Girl in the Steel Corset to The Girl in the Clockwork Collar. Cross did an amazing job of making these extraordinary characters feel like people and not just characters. Also, as the two halves of Finley (the main character) came together her sassy personality was one I utterly fell in love with. I love me some sass in my women.

I read through this novel very quickly and loved all of it. It was fast-paced, dangerous, punchy and fun. Well done Cross.

If you like fantasy give The Girl in the Clockwork Collar a go. The twists and turns will egg you on to finish and before you know it you’ll have turned the last page.


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