A Little Something

Here’s a little something I wrote in class yesterday. Just something that came to me so I wrote it down.

There’s a woman who sits across from me that’s dressed all in purple. Not a regal purple or a deep purple, but a light purple, a mauve-type purple. It’s timid, shy, and calm but obvious.

Why would one dress all in purple? The same shade of purple?

Her face reflects the mauve attitude of her outfit. It’s clam. There are no harsh edges to her face or markings there. She’s all together quite unnoticeable, except that she’s all dressed in purple, even her shoes are that same sedate mauve.

This colour both calmly and politely says, “Please, if you wouldn’t mind, could you notice me today?” While also saying, “I’m ordinary, please glance over me.” Why would anyone choose to have these things be said about them? Why is she so sedate in her calm oxymoron of a colour?

Now, I can’t help but think what the woman in purple thinks when she looks over at me.


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