Blurb About Life… Well Mine, Anyways

Hello dear Bloggoshpere!

I know that my reviews have increased over the last month and I was so happy to have the time to read. But sadly, another semester has started and it’s looking like they will come to a screeching halt yet again. No one is more sorry than me.

I’m in my final two semesters of university. It’s taken me six years to finish my BA. Don’t judge, I’ve work between one and three jobs throughout the whole thing so you can see why I’ve taken it slow. These next four months will be the hardest I’ve ever had school wise and my hours at work are too much right now, even though I’ve asked for less.

Social engagements, even though I’ve tried desperately to revive my social life (defibrillators were used and everything), will be nearly completely off the table unless all my school work is done.

I can’t procrastinate this time. I’m a master at it, don’t get me wrong. It’s what my diploma should have written as my major. I’ve already procrastinated and I’m behind in all of my class and it’s only the second week!

With my knee injury finally getting addressed as it deteriorates I need to focus on rehabilitating it. I’ve been given exercises and have been told to go to physiotherapy by my new Sports Medicine doctor. I’ve also been told to really cut back on my work hours because working for me equals walking. I need to be sitting to heal. If only this were possible. But a girl’s got to pay rent and eat. My MRI is coming up in December and that will determine whether or not I need surgery. Fingers crossed that my meniscus is fine and I wont, but by the symptoms that are persisting it looks like the odds are against me.

I am determined to write for you and me here on my blog. It might not be reviews, it will most likely be rants and complaints about class and even rolling ideas around for papers or stories. But I’m going to keep writing. I’ve made the mistake of pushing my writing aside when things get too stressful, but this is what I do. I write. Hell, for the first time in my life I’ll own up to it, I’m a writer. This is what I was meant to do, even if it’s just for me, even if I’m the only reader. I’m not the best, I’m probably not even good in most circles, but it’s who I am and it’s what I do. I refuse to push my purpose aside. That’s right, I’m pretentious and my purpose in this crazy mixed up world is to write things down.

So, although my reviews may be lacking, you’ll still have my input on life, school, love, thoughts, and people. I’ll even through in some creative writing.

Thanks for following folks. You’re all amazingly awesome for spending your time reading what comes out of my chaotic, and delightfully eccentric mind. It means the world to me that you do.


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