Chapter Two: Not so much a re-write

So, instead of reading Dante’s Inferno for class I decided to finish my re-write of Chapter Two for Dawning of the Sun. It turned out to be more of a major edit than a re-write. I needed the events to continue on as they were, mostly it was an introduction of some new characters and some insight into Sol’s family history.

But reading over some of the things I wrote… just awful. I used the phrase, “he seemed very sketchy.” It’s a pirate novel set in a fantasy universe during a colonial time… what the hell was going through my head when I wrote that down.

I had to change a few major details and now realize, as awesome as my revision is, I have two sets of twins. I feel like this may be a problem. I know that twins aren’t that uncommon, in fact I know three sets of twins and a set of triplets. But in a novel, should I really have more than one set? I could change it, but both sets of characters work so well as twins. Anyone have any thoughts? Are two sets of twins in a novel one too many?

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5 thoughts on “Chapter Two: Not so much a re-write

    • Both sets are identical. However, one set is the stock twin set: inseparable and very similar, while the other is an estranged set. The latter set only really comes in to play to mess around with my main character’s emotions, while the former set is more for comic relief. I’m hoping it works out alright, not too cliched. Being a twin, is there any insight I should know if I’m going to write twin characters? Anything that wouldn’t be apparent? I would love the input.

  1. Sounds very interesting. The important thing to remember with twins is that they have a unique mutual bond. As a twin I can sense when my sister is down, even though she’s hundreds of miles away. Twins often share the same special abilities, while often tending to compete for the attention of adults. You could pull something really special off by pitting both sets of twins against each other in the story. Or one set of twins can be antagonistic while the other can be supportive of your protagonist. Both sets of twins can play into the conflict.

    I’m not yet aware of your novel’s plot but I think having two sets of twins as an active part of the story is an original and compelling idea. Remember the characteristics that twins have and don’t be afraid to integrate your personal experience with twins into the story. Since you know a few sets of twins that knowledge could be better than any research.

    Hope that gives you something to think about. I’d love to see how you do with this.

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