The Very Terrible Old Days

Have you ever gone back and looked at your old writing?

I just spent the better part of an hour going through my old ideas and writing. There are no words, mostly because I brutally murdered them all in my teens! Wow, just wow. It was terrible. Granted, some of my longer story ideas weren’t worth burning, but the angsty poetry was just plain awful. Holy crap, how did I manage to put words together so terribly?

Anything you’re just plain embarrassed about that you’ve written?


One thought on “The Very Terrible Old Days

  1. I wrote some short stories back in my earlier days in college that were awful. In fact, I took a creative writing class and one of short stories was published in the college literary magazine. It’s a terrible creative nonfiction story that I still have. I find a way to just laugh it off though. It’s really fun to see how your writing skills improve over the years. 🙂

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