I’m still alive!

Sorry I’ve been AWOL for nearly a month now, but it’s crunch time at school. Today was the last of my pre-finals and two weeks from now are my actual finals so time is tight.


Today my publishing class went on a field trip. Yes, a field trip in University, how quaint right? We went to The Book Warehouse in Vancouver and had the former owner of the chain of stores talk to us about the book business.


It was an interesting visit. I didn’t learn much, but the man knows how to give a lecture.

But, the real action happened before the bookstore. A few classmates and I got to the bookstore early so we decided to hit the Michael’s across the street. Now, I don’t generally go into this store because I end up buying a bunch of little things I don’t need. But today… today there was a glorious sale. You know those expensive, fancy journals you see in bookstores? The ones that go for at least $15 a pop?


Well, Michael’s was having a sale, 3 of these journals for $16! I couldn’t help myself.

I’m a sucker for a good journal, as well as a good book. Every time I walk into a bookstore I always buy a book and journals are the second danger in any store for me.But, I’m not suffering from buyer’s remorse. No, Sir. Just look at these gorgeous things!

DSC00024I want to say that this purchase will give me incentive to journal more, but I know it wont. I try though, once finals are over I’m sure I’ll have a surge in reading and writing, both fiction and journal.

But for now, here’s me saying I’m still here folks. Leave the light on.


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