The Day of the Doctor: Confusion Ensues

So, I didn’t do a week’s countdown to the 50th anniversary episode, like I had for the series premier of the latest series because of finals coming.

***Spoilers ahead, proceed with caution***

“The Day of the Doctor” was a great episode. Nothing spectacular, I expected a touch more from the storyline, but I enjoyed it. David Tennant, my favourite Doctor, came back so I was giddy like a little school girl. The inside jokes for Whovians were fantastic!

10th: …Because I don’t want to go.
11th: He always says that.

That had to be one of my favourite lines. As well as:

10th: Oh, you’ve redecorated. I don’t like it.

As much as I loved watching, I have one burning question about “The Day of the Doctor”.

Now, we’ve all seen the fall of the 10th Doctor “The End of Time.” That episode ended with the Doctor explaining that he had to destroy Gallifrey because the high council had decided to change the TimeLords into beings of pure consciousness. The Doctor had to stop them to end the war, and yet “The Day of the Doctor” did not touch upon this at all! The Doctor may have saved Gallifrey, but doesn’t that mean that now he’ll have to deal with this issue again? 

Am I the only one who noticed this? I’ve read many “50th Anniversary Episode Answers” posts on multiple blogs and no one seems to be asking this question. “The Day of the Doctor” was all about saving the children of Gallifrey, which is very noble. But, what about stopping the crazy TimeLords that want to make the universe theirs?

It’s very possible that Moffat forgot or that this is an issue to be addressed in later episodes.

Of course, everyone is concerned with the fact that the Doctor only has thirteen regenerations and the 10th used up two (one for the meta-crisis Doctor and one for the 11th). So, if this mythology were true Peter Capaldi would not have been hired and Matt Smith would be the last of the Doctors. Clearly, Moffat is re-writing the mythology of the Doctor, keeping him alive. I’m very grateful for this because I’m a big fan and I love this show.

Hopefully, Moffat and the next writer(s) will answer my question. If they forget I will lose my faith in nerd-obsession. This may in fact destroy my faith in all nerd kind, including myself. Don’t fail me guys! 

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