There Was Laughter, But There Will Be No Forgetting

First off, I apologize for my long absence. There is no excuse except that I have been distracted.

Moments ago I finished reading The Book of Laughter and Forgetting by Milan Kundera. It’s an excellent read, although I sometimes found myself getting lost between the myriad of characters and the bounces from plot to plot. 

Milan Kundera is the first Czech author that I have read and being of Czech heritage you would think I would know more about the country from which my family hails. Sadly, I know very little. However, through this book I learnt quite a bit about the Communist Revolution and the Russian take-over.

Despite the history lesson, Kundera provides great insight into the vast and unknown human condition. It’s odd how well and easily I related to so many of the occurrences in this novel, and yet I’m only in my early twenties and yet to experience most of them.

The novel is deep, light, comical, serious, erotic, humorous, delightful, heartbreaking, and questionable. It’s safe to say I really enjoyed it and that Kundera is climbing my top favourite authors list.

If you haven’t already experienced Kundera’s work, I urge you to do so. You’ll learn something about yourself.


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