Progress Update.

Well, I’ve actually been writing! I know, shocker.

So here’s the skinny, the scoop, the down-low, the info!

After finishing my outline I’ve gone back to do a MASSIVE rewrite on what I’ve already had. It seems I put a lot of things in all the wrong places, missed a ton of characters, and basically wasn’t going anywhere.

I did yet another minor edit on the first chapter and have already updated the read-able copy posted. It took me some time so I abandoned the edit of Chapter Two for now and am focusing on the rewrite of Chapter Three.

But! once I’ve shovelled through the mess that is Chapter Three I’m hitting Chapter Two hard. If anyone is interested I may post it for your reading pleasure and critisism. Let me know if you’re interested in reading Chapter Two. If I get little response I may not bother to post it.

Cheers and happy writing!


A Little Satisfaction

I did it! I’ve finally, FINALLY, finished my outline for my novel. It only took me a few months, but I’ve finally chiselled my way out of that writer’s block.

I sort of wrote myself into a corner before, but I cut myself a little bit of slack and took a slight short cut. But hey, if Tolkien can have Frodo and Sam flown out of Mordor by Eagles then my short cut is not so bad.

It’s a little late for me to go and start in on the actual writing process tonight. But, I have incentive now and a relatively detailed outline to make sure I stay on track (most of the time.)

Before the writing will commence I will definitely go over what I’ve already done. I’ll also edit the chapter I have posted and change it again. Many errors, typos, and general oversights have been brought to my attention recently and they need to be corrected! So, expect another version of that first chapter to be up relatively soon.

For all of you writers, I hope your progress is far better than my glacial pace.


The Monuments Men

I took myself out to the movies tonight to see The Monuments Men. Now, I had heard that it wasn’t a good movie, but the trailer still intrigued me so I went anyways. 

I can see why the masses would say that it wasn’t a good movie, by Hollywood standards, it wasn’t. For a war movie there was a serious lack of fighting, lack of explosions, and lack of blood spatter. The trailer had made the movie out to be some epic fight against Hitler. It wasn’t wrong, but the fighting was moral rather than physical.

The best word that I can find to describe the movie over all is “subtle.” I felt like I was watching lives, not a movie. It wasn’t like a documentary by any means, but I felt that it was real. Rarely do I watch a movie that makes me feel as if this could happen. I’m aware that we watch movies to escape life, but because this particular story was based on true events I felt that it was a perfect fit.

The dialogue wasn’t over the top, nor was it overtly witty. The best lines were all in the trailer. I still liked it though. It felt far more raw than any movie I’ve seen in a long time. It was definitely not something I’m used to.

The biggest fault I have to say is the closing scene… what a cliche. I was really disappointed in it. But despite that I still found the movie enjoyable.

I’m not really sure I’ve formed a solid opinion on the movie, I’d have to watch it again. This is one of those rare times where I can’t direct you to watch or avoid the movie, you’ll have to form your own opinion. I guess the best I can do is say that it was a well made movie.

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All the Anxious Girls on Earth… Umm, What?

So I just attempted to finished Zsuzsi Gartner’s book of short stories, All the Anxious Girls on Earth and failed. I couldn’t make myself finish it. Sorry Gartner, maybe I just completely missed the point.

I couldn’t stand her writing style, especially in “boys growing.” I understand that every story was written in a different style of a different effect but, blah blah blah. It just wasn’t good.20140206-232046.jpg

The title led me to believe that I would be reading stories about women’s anxieties, but it wasn’t so much their anxieties as their own way of torturing themselves or making themselves victims. I can see how this could be attempting to shed a light on how women treat themselves, but each of these victimizations were generally at the hands of a man that they would succumb to. Gartner just made me hate women and I am a woman… I guess that’s a talent in itself.

So, here’s what I gathered about life from Gartner’s stories: we live in a patriarchal society, but men are the victims because women victimize themselves and put men through hell for it because women blame the men for their troubles, even though it’s the women’s fault. I couldn’t empathize with any of the women. They all just seemed so sad and pathetic. Thanks for making me feel like my sex is worthless Gartner, glad you have so much faith in our abilities.

The only story I kind of liked was “City of my dreams” because I felt that it depicted Vancouver well. Otherwise, I could go without reading these stories, ever again.

I suggest you don’t bother reading it unless you want to hate women. Way to keep feminism alive there Gartner.