Progress Update.

Well, I’ve actually been writing! I know, shocker.

So here’s the skinny, the scoop, the down-low, the info!

After finishing my outline I’ve gone back to do a MASSIVE rewrite on what I’ve already had. It seems I put a lot of things in all the wrong places, missed a ton of characters, and basically wasn’t going anywhere.

I did yet another minor edit on the first chapter and have already updated the read-able copy posted. It took me some time so I abandoned the edit of Chapter Two for now and am focusing on the rewrite of Chapter Three.

But! once I’ve shovelled through the mess that is Chapter Three I’m hitting Chapter Two hard. If anyone is interested I may post it for your reading pleasure and critisism. Let me know if you’re interested in reading Chapter Two. If I get little response I may not bother to post it.

Cheers and happy writing!

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