Taste of Darkness, With A Little Light At the End

After putting off finishing Taste of Darkness by Maria V. Snyder, I finally finished it. I didn’t want to because it was a great, heart-pounding read. 

******Be Warned: Spoiler Ahead*******

Snyder has captured me again. Her style is simple, direct, and lends itself to a very quick pace.

I felt like the ending of the plot came rather quickly. What I mean is that each terrible situation corrected itself in sequence and quite quickly after entering into it. The the first novel Touch of Power a lot of it was dedicated to getting Avry into trouble, but also getting her out of it. In Taste of Darkness Avry got into trouble quickly but got out just as quick. Granted, she got herself into a lot of tricky situations but everything seemed to work out just fine. 

One thing that I didn’t quite like was the whole “and everyone lived happily ever-after” type ending. While, in these types of novels I know that is the inevitable ending, I still wish there was more substantial lose and pain. Sorry, I know that’s a little morbid of me, but honestly no one really died. Everyone who did die came back to life and all the trauma that should have incapacitated more people or at the very least caused some sort of PTSD or night terrors did nothing of the sort. This kind of made me numb to all the “sorrow” in the novel, but his could also be from television or just my very cold heart.

Regardless, I still loved the book. It was a fun read and being able to put my criticisms aside is saying a lot for me. Hopefully, I’ll be able to criticize my own work even more harshly so that I can make it good. That being said, any reader of mine will not be lacking in the pain department when they finally read my novel. Sorry, but there’s no happiness without pain. I may be a bit of a cynic.

One last thing, today on Snyder’s Facebook page she announced that there will be a fourth Study book titled Shadow Study. The Study Series is why I fell in love with Snyder’s writing and I’m so excited that there will be a fourth.

If you haven’t already started the Healer Series, I recommend it if you want a great escape into a world torn asunder that needs to be righted. Plus, Avry’s pretty bad ass.

Cheers and happy reading!


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