A Lyrical Life

First off, I’d like to say I know that lyrics are written with relatability in mind. Recently however, there are been a few songs with lyrics that seem to be perfect for this time in my life, for my attitude towards life, and for describing myself. Most of these songs I’ve unknowingly put in the same playlist.

Not all of the lyrics in all of the songs are relevant, but perhaps some will relate to you as well. I just thought I’d share them with you tonight.

Neopolitan Dreams – Lisa Mitchell

You’ll go ‘n I’ll be okay,
I can dream the rest away
Its just a little touch of fate, it will be okay
It sure takes its precious time, but it’s got rights and so have I
I turn my head up to the sky
I focus one thought at a time
I do not let the little thieves under my tightly buttoned sleeves
You couldn’t be alone, the time I feel like I am walking blind


Candles – Daughter

Well I have brittle bones it seems
I bite my tongue and I torch my dreams
Have a little voice to speak with
And a mind of thoughts and secrecy
Things cannot be reversed, we learn from the times we are cursed
That things cannot be reversed, learn from the ones we fear the worst
And learn from the ones we hate the most

Human – Daughter

Waking up like an animal
I’m all ready for healing
My mind’s lost with nightmares streaming
Waking up (kicking screaming)
Take me out of this place I’m in
Break me out of this shale case I’m in
Underneath the skin there’s a human
Buried deep within there’s a human
And despite everything I’m still human
I think that I’m still human


Mouthwash – Kate Nash

This is my face
Covered in freckles
With the occasional spot
And some veins
This is my body
Covered in skin
And not all of it
You can see
And, this, is my mind
It goes over and over
The same old lines
And, this, is my brain
It’s torturous analytical thoughts
Make me go insane

I’m Not Your Hero – Tegan and Sara

Feeling like I am now lighting up the hall
I was used to standing in the shadow of a damaged heart
Learning all I know now, losing all I did
I never used to feel like I’d be standing so far ahead…
Sometimes it feels like the side that I’m on
Plays the toughest hand, holds the longest stand
Sometimes it feels like I’m all that they’ve got
It’s so hard to know I’m not what they want

Troubled – Timmy Curran

And shake me from these weeds of no good reason. For they have tied me up in my mind. And let me know that this is just a season, so I can leave my worries all behind. And show me something more than what you’re showin’. ‘Cause I will take all of you tonight…
Wake me when these hard times and troubles have found their own bitter end, and give me something else than what you’re givin’. ‘Cause all I have to show is who I am

Love and Truth – Mother Mother

Is my life not all that I thought it would be?
Is it simply ordinary?
Oh, is it far from all my fantasies?
I lay awake
I lay awake at night and brood
About the things I never do
And how I’m missing out on love and truth
Love and truth
Why are they so hard to achieve
Love and truth
They’re such hot commodities
But come in such small quantities
Love and truth where are you?

The Book I Write – Spoon

All that we knew, just a clue
All that we was just because I’ve never loved
Now I wanna trigger your heart, hah
There’s something else besides a silvery part
Hey, hey
And that’s the book I write
I let it go so long
And now the book I write, oh
This is it, I’m gone

Reading In Bed – Emily Haines & and the Soft Skeleton

With all the luck you’ve had
Why are your songs so sad?
Sing from a book you’re reading in bed
and took to heart
All of your lives unled, reading in bed

I hope you enjoyed the lyrics, have a lovely night, morning, day.

Cheers my dears.


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