Bellman & Black, Truly Beautiful

I just finished reading Bellman & Black by Diane Setterfield, whilst sitting on a park bench adjacent to a cozy little lake. The story, while seemingly uneventful to some, was written in the most skillful and beautiful of prose. 

The first time I read anything by Setterfield was her debut novel The Thirteenth Tale. I fell in love with that book the minute I got through the first chapter. Bellman & Black  was no different. Setterfield has such an enchanting command of the english language, it’s absolutely mesmerizing.

The only thing that bothered me was the way in which Black spoke to Bellman in their last encounter. I felt that Black could have been speechless and merely been looking at Bellman for the same event to unfold and with a more ominous touch than with Black commanding Bellman to remember. But, that may just be a personal preference.

I urge you, go and read Bellman & Black. It’s the kind of book that makes you love reading and the kind of writing that makes you love a good writer.

Cheers to all, keep reading.


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