The Assassin’s Blade

Just before my own journeys begin, I’ve finished The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas. This collection of novellas is a prequel to Maas’ debut novel Throne of Glass, which I reviewed not too long ago.

I really enjoyed learning the origins of Celaena Sardothien, Maas’ main character. While a lot of her first novel’s plot seemed almost borrowed from many other stories these novellas felt far more original. I feel as if these novellas were written after the original manuscript.

It was a quick and relatively lax read. I did like it though, despite my minimal judgements.

One thing about Celaena that bothers me is her inability to accept the obvious truths in front of her. Now, normally that would be an acceptable character flaw for most, but considering her past it doesn’t work for this character… the one who betrays her in the end was so obvious from the get go, through EVERYTHING and yet this world-remound assassin can’t see it? Denial can only blind any person so much. That’s one thing in Maas’ character logic that just doesn’t make sense to me.

I do recommend reading The Assassin’s Blade before Throne of Glass if only to give yourself some background on Celaena. I do have a different outlook on the character than I did when I first read Throne of Glass.

My first travel post will be coming in a matter of days, however it will be relatively mundane as it will mostly be me trying to figure out what the heck I’m getting myself into by traveling to distant countries with little to no planning. It’ll be interesting to see how I hold up alone, far away, with my only wits and sense to depend on. If anything, it should produce an interesting narrative.

Cheers and keep reading.

A New Adventure

Hello Lovely Readers,

As you may have notice, the format of my blog has changed slightly. I’m actually going away for four months. I’m off to discover what it is that makes this world so beautiful, frightening, amazing, and intriguing. Along the way I’ll be documenting my travels for you, narrative style. Well, my causal narrative style.

Every experience I have I’d like to take you along for the ride, complete with photos if my technology serves me well.

I’ll be embarking on my travels on October 2nd. First stop is Bali, Indonesia.

Following that I’ll be spending a few days in Singapore.

Then it’s off to New Zealand where I’ll hopefully get to explore a touch of Middle Earth.

Finally, I’ll be roaming the East Coast of Australia.

I’ll still be reading along with way and will have one final review for you before I depart.

Cheers and happy reading.