Before I step out the door…

The clock reads 7:41pm. In just over two hours I’ll be stepping out my door and watching the world I know rush past the car window, I’ll arrive at the airport I’ve been to countless times, I’ll hug the ones I love and I’ll sit and I’ll wait.

There’s always waiting involved to build the anticipation, the anxiety, and the excitement. I’ll sit in that terminal, twiddling my thumbs, pursing my lips, then pulling out my book, playing on my iPad, basically finding anything to distract me until that loud speaker anounces the boarding of my flight. That loud speaker that will say “You’re flight into the intimidating, exciting, rich, frightening unknown is ready, shall we?”

I’ve never been away from home for this long before, let alone on my own in a different country, a different world. There’s nothing holding me back from experiencing everything and doing nothing. Endless possibilities ebb at my feet and I’m just now realizingĀ I’m about to dive in head first, flip-flops left at the shore with no life preserver and no life guard on duty.

The minutes tick by so slowly as I sit at my computer for the last time as this version of myself. I can’t help but wonder when I’ll be sitting in this exact seat next, what will have happened to me, how I will have changed, and what my life will be.

Two hours now. Alright, I’m ready, I think. Here comes the world, full force and ready to whip me into shape. Let’s find out what I’m made of shall we? I’m desperately hoping it’s not something soft and easily torn like flesh.

Next stop Hong Kong, current destination Ubud.


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