The Sisters Three And an Update.

It has been abundantly clear to me that I have cut off pretty much all of my internet communications. My friend Pancake actually had a fit when I appeared online one evening. He thought I had fallen off the face of the Earth.

No, my fine wordy friends, I am still here.

Life has hit me, hard. I started a second job, again. I pulled my MCL, again. Exam season has just passed, again. Luckily all these wonderfully stressful things happened within two weeks of one another. But fear not, I survive. Not that you were worried, or even remembered that you subscribed to my blog but hey, I like to think that at one point in my absence you were like “Hmm, that random blog I follow has posted in a while.” These are the things that I like to pretend happen.

But in other news, despite all my pre-schedule time I actually managed to finish a novel! What are you odds, right?

Well, it may have taken me some time but I finished Eleanor Brown’s The Weird Sisters.

Basically this is a novel about three sisters, Rosalind “Rose,” Bianca, “Bean,” and Cordelia “Cordy.” Each sister is named after a Shakespearian play because their father is a Professor of Shakespeare in the college town where these three sisters grew up. This is a beautiful story about people, nothing really happens. WeirdSistersUSPaperback

It’s a fantastically written novel. The narration is unique and beautiful. I’ve never read a book where I was so captivated by the narrative voice. Sometimes it will be one sister narrating her own story, but then the narration will shift with the other two sisters narrating the description on the third. At first I was a little flustered by this, but I ended up loving it.

I don’t like to gender books, but there isn’t a lot of a man to relate to in this novel. By all means, I suggest men read it because it may give them some insight into the female psyche that he may not have had before. But, being female myself I found that many of the thoughts (particularly the negative ones) that these characters were thinking about themselves I’ve experienced.

This novel hits you right in the feelings. I recommend this novel to anyone looking to feel something about how the modern female views herself. It’s depressing in the sense that the majority of the ideas that these characters have about themselves are negative, and yet they are so relatable. But, the way I see it is that we’re our own worst critics and to overcome our negative outlooks we need to stare them in the face first. Brown does exactly that.


DW Countdown: Five Days

Well Lovelies, there are five days, FIVE. Yesterday, I miss counted and thought it was seven, but it was indeed six. I don’t do math well, ok?! I’m excited, if you couldn’t tell.

First off, I’m going to partake in some gossip, which I rarely do but this subject warrants it. So, I heard from the very reliable interweb and this particular article, Matt Smith to leave ‘Doctor Who’ after Christmas, I found out this pertinent information. Why would anyone want to leave Doctor Who?! It baffles me, so let’s hope these sources are wrong, because if they’re not, Smith you’re breaking my heart and are not as clever as I thought you were. 

Anyways, on to the quote of the day. Now, today you get two because I screwed up the date and because the episodes I’m taking these from are a few of my all-time favourites. The first:

Books! People never really stop loving books. 51st century. By now you’ve got holovids, direct to brain downloads, fiction mist, but you need the smell. The smell of books, Donna. Deep breath.

This was said by our own dear Doctor in the eighth episode of the fourth series, titled “Silence in the Library.” 4x08-Silence-in-the-Library-doctor-who-21243289-1600-900Here we will meet Dr. River Song (played by Alex Kingston). At this point we have no idea who River is. When she came up with the eleventh Doctor I had a little freak out and was all up in my screen’s grill about it. But I digress. I love this quote because it gives me hope for my beloved books. I completely agree, I love books for the smell, for their texture, and their feel. Books have an air about them that I love. I have a great distain for screen-based reading devices. It’s not the same and you all know it.

This second quote is also about books:

You want weapons? We’re in a library. Books! Best weapons in the world. This room’s the greatest arsenal we could have. Arm yourself.

Tooth-and-Claw-doctor-who-13076668-500-500This quote, said by the Doctor of course, is from the second episode of the
second series, titled “Tooth and Claw.” It’s one of the first few with Rose (played by Billie Piper) and the Tenth Doctor. I loved Rose as the only companion to love the Doctor. River was different and I approved but I really wasn’t a fan of Martha and her unrequited love for the Doctor, it just always got in the way. I love this quote because it’s true. The more knowledge you have the more you can do. It’s brilliant!

I think you’d better.

So, I have this habit, this terrible habit really, of reading the back cover or jacket of a book and then purchasing it. Usually, I end up with a great book and I’m completely happy with my purchase. But, once in a while I experience extreme buyer’s remorse. This is one of those times.

I picked up Grow Up by Ben Brooks quite some time again but never really got around to reading it. I should have left it on my shelf. grow-up

Normally I admire most people who finish writing a book and apparently Brooks has published five books including this particular travesty. This book is so poorly written. I felt like I was reading the journal of an eleven year old boy who was trying to sound sixteen. It was painful.

Now, the cover says “Makes you snort with laughter” -Noel Fielding. Personally, I love a good laugh, heck if a snort is involved all the better! I found no such part of this book funny.

Usually in a book with little plot the author focuses entirely on character development. I’m sorry Brooks, you have no such thing in your book. The ONLY development I noticed is that the socio-path of a main character figured out when it’s not a good time to have an erection. I feel like I need to hit Brooks over the nose with a newspaper.

This “novel” (for I cringe to give it that title), is about a self-centered, asshole of a teenager who’s always smoking, getting high on whatever drug he manages to get his hands on,  trying to fuck every girl in sight, and to top it all off thinks his step-dad is a murderer. Some how he does manage to sleep with girls, but being a female myself I can’t help but think, “who in their right mind would EVER sleep with this kid?” Jasper, the main character, is not charismatic, not witty, or affectionate, or loveable in ANY way. Even if you’re a girl who opens herself to any passer by you’d still be iffy about this one. Brooks, I did not buy into your story one bit.

This book is just Brooks peddling his teenage fantasies and calling it fiction. Don’t misunderstand me, I know very well that teenagers get up into all kinds of dirty, nasty, drugy things. But this is just too much.

On the book jacket it even says that Brooks was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. My reaction: “WHAT?!”

I always worry that when I get around to writing something it wont be good enough to be published. But it publishers are stooping to publishing this kind of terrible writing then I have no worries for my future.

Please, spare yourself the pain and avoid Grow Up. I know my copy will be in the nearest Book Donation bin within the hour.

Obsessed. Thanks Snyder.

So, despite my long blog absence I’ve actually been reading. I powered through my final exams, with better grades than I ever thought my brain capable of. And so, on a very busy Christmas Eve I bought myself a present: Scent of Magic by Maria V. Snyder. It’s the second in her Healer series. Yes, I know I go on and on about Snyder, but her fantasy just captures my mind and I just can’t stop. It’s an obsession, and now I have to wait however long it takes her to write and publish the third in the series, Taste of Death. 12027429

Snyder’s heroines are made of the stuff that all strong young girls want to be made of. Avry in particular is as stubborn and clever as they come, something I too aspire to. This is why her heroines are so relatable, if you’re not like them you want to be like them.

Not to mention Avry’s wide cast of cohorts are so loveable you can’t help but want to read on about their antics.

Now Snyder’s villans, what can I say really? She’s great at making you love to hate them. Tohon, the ruthless war-lord and maniac, just makes you want to reach into the book and rip that bastard’s head off. While his minions are just as conniving and evil as he is, but not as ruthless.

Snyder has once again captured my praises. And, unlike Touch of Power, Scent of Magic was not as easy to guess the outcome of. In Touch of Power I had so many “oh come on, how have you NOT figured that out yet?” moments with Arvy’s character. But in Scent of Magic Avry was always one step ahead of me, which while reading I prefer.

So kudos Snyder on a fantastic fantasy, that will have me reeling for the third book until I’m cuddled up with it in my couch. And if you could release it during a semester break like Scent of Magic, you’d be doing me a real solid. But if it’s over a year from now, I should be done with school so don’t worry about it then.

Not Exactly “Youth” Oriented

So blog-asphere, I’m still alive! If you can believe it. I realize I’ve been absent for the past month or so, but life is cracking down hard lately so my passions get pushed aside.

I did, however, manage to read a short little youth fiction called The Prince of the Mist by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. The first novel I read by Zafon was Shadow of the Wind about six years ago. I loved it. I proceeded to tell everyone to read it. Being a scrappy teen at the time I didn’t think about authors as having more than one book unless I saw them in box set. (My brain just didn’t function properly or logically back then. Let’s blame it on the hormone cocktail that was stewing within me.) So, when my best friend recently told me that she finally got around to reading Shadow of the Wind, Zafon popped back into my head. She also showed me that Shadow of the Wind is in fact a trilogy. Which is also on my reading list.

But back to The Prince of the Mist. Originally I had picked up The Midnight Palace by Zafon at my local book store. Once home I realized that it was a sequel. I proceeded to curse myself for not checking that first and began to hunt for its predecessor, The Prince of Mist. Of course, lovely as book stores are, they didn’t seem to have this novel. Originally published in 1993 and reprinted in 2010, I could see why this book was so illusive. Finally I tracked it down on one for my favourite discount websites, The Book Depository.

The Prince of Mist is supposedly a “young” adult novel. I really despise the aging of books. If I wanted to read an adult fiction at thirteen I did, and if at twenty-two I want to read a book for twelve year olds I damn well will, and I’ll usually enjoy it too! Anyways, The Prince of Mist, while an easy read, is one of the creepier books I’ve read. Zafon has a flair for the eerie. His books generally involve the deaths of a few characters and mysteries you can’t help but finish out of curiosity. I wouldn’t recommend him to a younger crowd, due to the nightmares they’ll most likely endure if they read before bed.

Overall, The Prince of Mist is a quick, easy, read that keeps you on the edge of your seat, bed, hammock, beanbag chair, kitchen counter, staircase, grassy knoll, whatever it is you choose to read on.

Ps. If you are afraid of clowns I wouldn’t recommend reading The Prince of Mist. It even creeped me out and I have nothing against clowns.

Powerless to Resist


I’ve been procrastinating, avoiding my essays, readings and homework for class all week. Why? Because I’ve been powerless to resist reading Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder.

I few years ago I read her Poison Study trilogy and was just as enthralled. Then I read her Storm Glass trilogy , which takes place in the same universe. I was not as impressed with this one, truth be told the ending and the main character’s choices sort of pissed me off. But, I still had faith in Snyder so I went on to read her Sci-fi Inside Out, and its sequel Outside In. Not as riveting as her fantasy novels, but still an entertaining read. So naturally when Snyder came out with Touch of Power I bought it right away. Unfortunately life has gotten in the way of me reading it. So I finally got around to it. Image

Snyder has captured me with this delicious fantasy story just like she had with Poison Study. Of course the love story was a bit predictable, but honestly, what love story isn’t these days? However, the plot twists snagged my every attention. Snyder has a way of making you think you know what’s going to happen, you are lulled into a false sense of understanding, you think you have it all figured out. Then suddenly she hits you with a twist you weren’t expecting.

I couldn’t put the book down, I read until my body complained and I had to sleep. Snyder has a gift for fantasy, and I hope one day to match her talent.

Read Touch of Power for an amazing adventure that will keep you guessing and consume your thoughts.

In the thick of it…

I’ve been reading José Saramago’s Seeing for some months now. I’ve had little time to read for pleasure due to the online courses I’ve taken this semester. Why? Don’t ask, I couldn’t tell you.

Anywho, Seeing is proving to be a little less interesting than Blindness, which proceeded it. I’m only half way, so I can’t be too judgemental. Saramago has an interesting style, he writes all about the political side of how the events in the book effect the world before he gets into his characters. One thing I’m not a fan of is the way the book is translated. It  can be hard to follow the plot and dialogue a lot of the time.

Despite all these things, I’ve always come out impressed with Saramago in the end. I’m hoping this time ends the same.