Quite punny that one.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a movie review and tonight’s showing deserves a stunning one.

I went with a friend of mine, (who will from now on be known as Pancake), to see Wreck It Ralph. Being a child of the Pixar generation I had relatively high hopes. I was not disappointed.

Pixar/Disney did not disappoint with the short before the movie either. While it was not a computer generated short, but an animated short, I still loved it. The sho

rt was titled Paperman and to quote my immediate reaction it, “melted my cold dead heart.” It was a very sweet and simple short.

Wreck It Ralph was super fun and being big on dialogue, because of my love of words, the amount of puns tickled my insides to no end. It was pun after pun which I couldn’t help but giggle at. At points I was that person who laughed all by themselves loudly, and proud of it.

I would recommend this movie to all ages, for the adults it’s a lovely nostalgic look at video games and love of Pixar, while for the kids it’s fun all around.

Go see it! I swear you’ll fall in love.


Bouncing Red Curls

Last night I went out and saw the new Disney movie Brave.
It did not disappoint in the Disney category of things, it satisfied the nostalgia in me as a kids movie and had both heart-breaking and heart-warming moments. I got misty eyed near the end. I will not spoil any details, but the storyline is not what I had thought it would be. Keep in mind that I had walked into this movie with no influence other than movie posters. 
That being said, the title “Brave” did not in my opinion sought the main story line. Yes, the main character Merida had to be a brave girl to do what she did, but her character didn’t develop bravery through the movie, nor did she have to overcome her fears at any point to do the things she did. Merida is instinctually brave throughout the movie. Her mother did not have to develop bravery really either, she had to adapt to the situation rather than be brave. Now, I realize Disney doesn’t have to think up any sort of amazing titles for their movies, but at least make it more relevant to the plot line. Finding Nemo hit it right on the nose, as does The Lion King, Monsters Inc. and countless others. So I pose the question, why settle on “Brave?”
I know that I can’t be too critical of Disney in the literary sense as it’s target audience is children and teenagers. My only real annoyance with the movie was the title, other than that I did enjoy myself.
So, if you feel like warming your heart and wanting to hug your mom by the end, Brave is a good choice.