The Girl with the Windup Heart – Title Not Relevant

I’ve finished The Girls with the Windup Heart by Kady Cross. That’s pretty much the gist of it.

I’ve always had something good to say about Cross’ work, but I feel as if this “novel” was a cop-out. It was the final novel in her Steampunk Chronicles and it was the shortest. I’m sorry but in any good series the books get fatter, not thinner. My shelf is a testament to this fact.

Cross was too dependant on her reader already being invested in both her characters and the relationships the characters shared that she didn’t put much effort into them. Not to mention the whole Mila and Jack dynamic was just a way to force an end to the love triangle between Finnley, Jack, and Griffin. I mean, really.

Also, the title refers to Mila, who yes is a large part of the novel but at this point she has a real, blood pumping, fleshy heart. I do not like irrelevant titles. It irks me.

Cross still had her punchy writing style, which got me to finish, but clearly she’s done with the series and needed a way to end it. Cliches and predictability to sum up something she clearly no longer has interest in. I can’t blame her really, if you’re not passionate about it anymore, it’s really not worth it.

Anyways, my copy of Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas finally arrived! I pre-ordered the paperback. My copy of Throne of Glass is paperback and I can’t have a series in different covers, it kills me. Yes, I have issues. I’m well aware. I’m so excited to read it, and look! This instalment is thicker than the last! Maas, you do it right.

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Cross, Cross, Cross…

Huddled on my bed long before bedtime, I finished The Girl In the Clockwork Collar by Kady Cross. So bloody good.

I found The Girl in the Clockwork Collar to be a vast improvement over Cross’ The Girl in the Steel Corset, the first novel in her series titled The Steampunk ChroniclesHer second novel was far less predictable than the first, but let’s take into account that it was her very first novel so I have to be somewhat forgiving. Surprising for me, isn’t it?

I absolutely loved how the characters developed from The Girl in the Steel Corset to The Girl in the Clockwork Collar. Cross did an amazing job of making these extraordinary characters feel like people and not just characters. Also, as the two halves of Finley (the main character) came together her sassy personality was one I utterly fell in love with. I love me some sass in my women.

I read through this novel very quickly and loved all of it. It was fast-paced, dangerous, punchy and fun. Well done Cross.

If you like fantasy give The Girl in the Clockwork Collar a go. The twists and turns will egg you on to finish and before you know it you’ll have turned the last page.