Quite punny that one.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a movie review and tonight’s showing deserves a stunning one.

I went with a friend of mine, (who will from now on be known as Pancake), to see Wreck It Ralph. Being a child of the Pixar generation I had relatively high hopes. I was not disappointed.

Pixar/Disney did not disappoint with the short before the movie either. While it was not a computer generated short, but an animated short, I still loved it. The sho

rt was titled¬†Paperman and to quote my immediate reaction it, “melted my cold dead heart.” It was a very sweet and simple short.

Wreck It Ralph¬†was super fun and being big on dialogue, because of my love of words, the amount of puns tickled my insides to no end. It was pun after pun which I couldn’t help but giggle at. At points I was that person who laughed all by themselves loudly, and proud of it.

I would recommend this movie to all ages, for the adults it’s a lovely nostalgic look at video games and love of Pixar, while for the kids it’s fun all around.

Go see it! I swear you’ll fall in love.