Goal This Week: Reached.

So I did it. 1,539 words reached this week.

I’m not doing too well, I got caught on a short flashback. Getting into the flashback was easy, I related the current situation to a very similar past situation, not hard. It’s getting back to the present from the flashback that I have troubles with.

Usually it’s something like: “And back to now where our hero is equally screwed, but more so since luck isn’t there this time like the time we just went through. Yay memories! But seriously, our hero is in deep.”

Of course that’s not exactly how it goes… I’m a little bit more eloquent about it and there are more details, but you get the gist.

Transitions have never been an issue for me before. All roads lead somewhere for me, they always have. I was the queen of transitions when it came to my essays.

I just can’t wait until I’m done this draft and can get to the editing. Yes, I know most authors dread the editing because it’s like tearing up your whole idea and piecing it back together, but I want to make this better!

I used to edit other people’s essays in school. I had three types: Structural Edit, Structural and Idea Edit, and finally Murder Edit. I would put so many red marks on that paper that it looked like it was the victim of a gruesome homicide.

I digress. I’m glad my novel is finally back on track. I’m approaching a section which I have written already, but I need to integrate it into the current version. I’m going to get a great big chunk of the draft done really quickly!

Look forward to elated posts in the near future my friends, I’ll have taken leaps in my draft!

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1,669 down! 65,331 to go!

I did it! I met my goal of 1,500 words for this week. I even went over by 169 words.

Not too shabby, although as in proper procrastinator tradition I finished two hours before my deadline.

I did the math. If I finish 1,500 every week I’ll reach my goal of 100,000 words for my novel in 11 months. That’s including the 33,000 in my final count I started with today. That gets me just within my goal of finishing by the end of the year.

Whether 100,000 words is enough for finish the story is another issue. I’m at roughly 35,000 words now and I’ve completed 6 of 28 plot points I need to run through. Lovely.

Either way, at least I got some writing done this week. Hopefully, by keeping this pace up and going a bit faster now and again I’ll get to my goal of finishing this darn first draft.

I’m just barreling through at this point. I just need the skeleton done. I’m not focusing on rhetoric or sentence structure or even typos. I’m just trying to get this down so that I can go back and make it good, hopefully better than good in the long run.

I think setting this goal here on my blog, for anyone to come and see has really helped get me into gear, so to all those who have actually read this, thank you.

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Writing! Why am I having so much trouble?

I promised myself that I would finish the draft of my novel.

I’ve managed 600 words in 14 days. Baby steps, I guess?

But seriously, why am I having so much trouble? It’s not like I have writer’s block. I have my notes and know exactly where my story needs to flow to unfold and what key points need hitting and how my characters need to interact etc, etc…

It might have something to do with the fact that I feel quite brain-drained after a day of staring at a computer screen that’s broken and nearly sezure worthy while trying to please everyone with a job done well and quickly. I’ve also developed laziness when it comes to my own writing.

I’m also having trouble thinking any sentence that comes out of me is anywhere near decent. I know my editing addiction is a factor, but I swear I’ve been doing so well fighting it!

I’m just currently a terrible writer, mostly because I’M NOT WRITING ENOUGH!

I need to get my brain into gear…

This weekend I need 1,500. I know this is not a big goal, I know this is barely a pebble on the mountain, but I need to get started. If by Monday I haven’t reached 1,500 (not including what I already have) you all have permission to pelt me with books! Preferably the virtual kind so that I don’t bruise too badly, they might ask questions at work. 

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Finished the Chapter! On to the next…

I did it, I finished Chapter Four today. I had a lot of new content to pile on in there, a lot of plot asides and tangents that just took themselves away and played out into the next thing. 

I always find it funny how my characters lead me where they need to go. I never really think about it, it’s just the logical progression and man how they take me away! Sometimes I feel as if this world that I’ve “created” I haven’t even created at all, that it exists somewhere already and I’m just picking up the pieces and writing down the story. I had a vague image of the town in which my characters end up in this chapter, but it changed into something completely different as I wrote it. It feels a lot more tangible the way it is now. It’s like when you have this idea of a place you’re going to visit for the first time. You have this expectation, this loose imagine in your head, but when you arrive it’s like nothing you could have imagined. That’s how I feel about the places in my novel. I have this whimsical idea of them when I’m writing the outline, but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty description it’s totally different, but I feel that it’s the way it is supposed to be once it’s been written down in its full format.

I feel as if the muses guided my hand a lot this past chapter and I thank them whole heartedly.

The thing I really struggled with most of all today was finding the right music to write to. I have to write to purely instrumental music, preferably stuff from movies I don’t know because otherwise I spend the duration of the song figuring out where it’s from. It also hasto have the right tone to what I’m writing about, otherwise I just lose myself in other thoughts. My absolute favourite website for music while I’m writing is Infinite Tracks. I have a few playlist creators that I follow but I find the majority of the music I listen to on there, be it for writing or just enjoyment.

So, another day of writing down. While, I might be going to work tomorrow I hope to get half a chapter out, if not more. I think the next one might be a shorter one, but I always aim for roughly 7 pages, single spaced.

Alright diligent readers, keep on keepin’ on.

Ps. This is post #100! Woo! Celebrations and what not!

Writing Update.

My dear and devout readers, I know there are few of you but I thought you’d like to know how the novel is going.

It’s slow. I just finally, after the post-university breather have gotten back into my writing. I’ve written a few pages thus far and have already found a few twists that lead me away from the outline – but not entirely so it’s not too bad. I’ve discovered two new characters already that may play a interesting hand in the plot as a series. But! That’s to come later.

Anyhow, I desperately want to finish my first draft before September, so I’m thinking July Nanowrimo is probably a must to achieve my goal. I’d also like to finish one or two major edits and send a few manuscripts off to a few beta readers who would be willing to give me some much needed feed back. Most of these lovely people will be friends of mine.

I’ve also been encouraged by a very successful youtuber (you wont know him unless you’re into hydroponic gardening) that I should start a vlog. Well, I’m not sure I have the right persona for that, or the lighting or the makeup skills. Also, what the hell would I talk about? Books probably. But still, I want it to be about the writing, not about my face! We’ll see though.

So, have I told you about my big trip yet? Well, I’m going to Bali, New Zealand, and Australia this coming fall. I’ll be gone a minimum of eight months and could be gone up to two years (work permitting as I plan to do a working holiday.) I will be blogging my travels right here for you entertainment. Also, I may post a video or two if I’m too exhausted to type. Anyways, if you have an insight, comments, suggestions, or tips for traveling these places pretty please leave me a comment! I would love your knowledge.

Anyways lovelies, that’s what’s going on. If anyone is still interested in reading Chapter two of my novel as I putter along in my writing, let me know and I’ll give it some love and edits and post it.

Cheers, keep reading!

A Little Satisfaction

I did it! I’ve finally, FINALLY, finished my outline for my novel. It only took me a few months, but I’ve finally chiselled my way out of that writer’s block.

I sort of wrote myself into a corner before, but I cut myself a little bit of slack and took a slight short cut. But hey, if Tolkien can have Frodo and Sam flown out of Mordor by Eagles then my short cut is not so bad.

It’s a little late for me to go and start in on the actual writing process tonight. But, I have incentive now and a relatively detailed outline to make sure I stay on track (most of the time.)

Before the writing will commence I will definitely go over what I’ve already done. I’ll also edit the chapter I have posted and change it again. Many errors, typos, and general oversights have been brought to my attention recently and they need to be corrected! So, expect another version of that first chapter to be up relatively soon.

For all of you writers, I hope your progress is far better than my glacial pace.


Lightbulbs Everywhere!

I was in my Dante lecture, listening to my professor recite the first Canto of the Inferno. Her voice has a gentle italian accent and if you let your mind drift even a little the soft melodic sounds of her words lose their meaning and become a thin stream of calming sounds.

It was at this point that an explosion of ideas burst forth in my head! I felt like all the ideas that had been stranded at the edges of my mind for the past few years just came rushing into my consciousness and started screaming, “PAY ATTENTION TO ME!” I sat there, staring at my professor and my mind was reeling with mountains of ideas. I started scribbling these ideas down in the margins of my notebook. I even flipped to the back and wrote a few lines of dialogue.

The writer’s block that had sparked my massive re-write/revision suddenly melted away to reveal all these wonderful things. By the end of class I was itching to get home and start the clickity-clack of my keyboard until I had blisters on my fingers. But I had an appointment after class, which I had just enough time to change for when I got home, so the typing had to wait.

While I still need to write the main plot progression for Dawning of the Sun down, I made a lot of progress idea-wise. I discovered a world of new Gods and Goddesses and their origin myths. I found my Underworld, its purpose, and unearthed a few mysteries about the afterlife. I discovered some things about my characters that they had been hiding from me, including their shameful pasts. But, best of all, I figured out that I’m writing a trilogy. It was always my intention to find a way to keep Sol’s story going. I had originally intended for her to discovered her heritage and meet her family in the imaginary second book. I was so very wrong. That’s part of Dawning of the Sun. Sol will have far greater challenges to deal with in the second book, because they wont be her own.

I’m overwhelmed with all the ideas that are flooding my insides. It’s like I’m going to burst! I haven’t had anything like this happen in a very long time. But what I’m most grateful for is my ability to make connections. Everything I’ve already written or thought I might write play into the new ideas, they make them richer. Everything is connected.

I’ve been really down on myself the last few weeks, as some of my friends and family have pointed out. I was losing faith in my abilities, not just in writing but school and my future. This day couldn’t have come at a better time. While, to do all this I have once again neglected my studies, I now have a renewed passion for finishing my degree. When I do, I can put that diploma to good use: funding my writing. I’ve decided that I don’t care what day job is going to be anymore. As long as when I’m done for the day I still have energy to write, I’ll be happy. I had this romantic notion that I would love my day job and write in my off hours. Silly me. I want to make up stories. I want to write them down. I want to share them with others. That’s my big dream now. It’s no longer second to a fancy career.

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