Gotta Get Caught Up!

So my dear readers, last week I kind of screwed the pooch with my writing goal. I wrote nothing, nada, not a word.

Granted, it was my birthday and I was out drinking the last year away… And when I say drinking I mean going out to dinner and having three drinks. I’m a wild woman, let me tell you!

Anyways, I got distracted and nothing got done. Also, I’ve been swept up in the sudo-reality of Master Chef on youtude. It’s addicting, don’t judge.

But, today because I live in beautiful BC, I got to experience the “Family Day” holiday. Yes, we have a holiday for celebrating families, a week earlier than the rest of Canada, might I add. So, I decided to use this glorious extra day that the government has so kindly bestowed upon me to catch up on my writing.

4,528 words written! Three weeks of writing goals blasted through! Oh yeah!

I did have some troubles with procrastination today, but I powered through it. I also had a seat thief.File_000

Every time I got up to get tea or use the washroom she stole my chair! Oh well, her cuteness let her get away with it.

I’m quite proud of my progress today. I got to write about a prison break, it was interesting to see how I would break out. Luckily, our captures were lazy prison builders.

I’m happy to share my writer’s triumph with you all!

Lots more to go!

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A Little Satisfaction

I did it! I’ve finally, FINALLY, finished my outline for my novel. It only took me a few months, but I’ve finally chiselled my way out of that writer’s block.

I sort of wrote myself into a corner before, but I cut myself a little bit of slack and took a slight short cut. But hey, if Tolkien can have Frodo and Sam flown out of Mordor by Eagles then my short cut is not so bad.

It’s a little late for me to go and start in on the actual writing process tonight. But, I have incentive now and a relatively detailed outline to make sure I stay on track (most of the time.)

Before the writing will commence I will definitely go over what I’ve already done. I’ll also edit the chapter I have posted and change it again. Many errors, typos, and general oversights have been brought to my attention recently and they need to be corrected! So, expect another version of that first chapter to be up relatively soon.

For all of you writers, I hope your progress is far better than my glacial pace.


Writing Outlines

I’ve been writing an outline for my novel. Previously I hadn’t written one as I was going to allow my characters to take me along for the ride. Yes, I’m aware of how naive this is. I was  sixteen when I started, many romantic notions seemed viable then.

As I’m in the middle of my re-write/revision I thought that getting an outline down would be helpful. Turns out, a lot of what I’ve already written needs to be pushed a lot further back than I had originally intended. Also, I’ve discovered that I have duel plot lines, making my novel far longer than intended. One is going to be prolonged into the second novel.

(In the middle of that last sentence I had an epiphany about the plot and just wrote it down into my notes. I’m very pleased with the connections I just made.)

I keep finding deeper and deeper connections throughout my plot, similar to the one that just hit me. The plot is becoming more and more intertwined. I love it when novels do that and I’m trying to the best of my intellectual abilities to make this as complicated as possible. I want the reader to have those “Holy shit! That has to do with that first thing I read in Chapter 2 that seemed insignificant but has a ridiculous amount of meaning!” moments throughout the novel. I love surprises, I love mysteries, and I love cohesion. I also want to love my own work. Because if I don’t want to read it, why would anyone else? I already love and admire my main character Sol. I want to love all of my characters, even my villains.

So, what I really want you to take away from this is that writing an outline can really get the creative wheels turning, not to mention it can give a lot of meat to your plot, even though outlines are generally flat and fact based.

How helpful do you find outlining? Any tips on how I should approach my outline? Should I be combining my first, second, and third novel outlines? I would love your feedback! Help an aspiring fantasy novelist out!

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